Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Xyngular products helping people with Diabetes

These products help people in so many ways improving their overall health and here are some testimonies to how they have helped people with Diabetes! If you or someone you know could use the same help in their lives please share this and put them in contact with me and check out my webpage! There just click Get Started Now to start ordering!!

Posted by Joanne Wolff
Thought i would up date you Joanne /all. 60 days on the product, 25 lbs and 25 inch's. Dr was thrilled when i went in as the inch's are fat. My AIC for being a diabetic went from 9 to 7.8 and he said that was great and just keep it moving on down. So I can see it

Chasity Barnes-Mccarren 
Hello Christina, I'm happy to tell my story!!!! I have been struggling with Diabetes for 10 yrs. A year ago Jan. I was put on 20 units of Insulin while I was also taking 2000 mg of Metformin. At that point in life I was getting very depressed because I have read stories of what the outcome usually is. I thought wow 34 years old and all ready on insulin, being a mother of 3 what am i gonna do. I was introduced to Xyngular by my sisterNickole Barnes Zeleji so I decided to give it a try. On March 3 2012 is when my life changed. I have lost 14 pounds and the best part is I am know INSULIN FREE. My normal sugar WITH INSULIN ranged from 120 on a good day, up to 200. Now my sugar ranges from 118 to 144. (One time it was 144). WITHOUT INSULIN. I am so glad I was introduced to these products, they have saved my life.

Posted by Joanne Wolff:
Todd Schroeder
7-6-11 Todd is only on day 2 of Ignite and has already lost 12.5 lbs!
7-9-11 Todd has now lost 18lbs after 4 days
7-11-11 20 lbs 7 days
7-20-11 Todd is down 29 now
7-25-11 Proof on the scaleTodd down 31 lbs since July 5th on ignite. Blood pressure optimal, sleep apneaimproved…fasting blood sugar down over 30 pta and tons of energy withoutexercise yet but now he's feeling like it. 7 inches on his waist. No carbcravings.

Posted by Joanne Wolff:
Ben Erickson
7-28-11   In two months my fasting blood sugar has dropped 19 points!! Diabetes stay away!!!
6-22-11  down 36 pounds in 4 weeks
7-28-11 Health update!!! I am now down 50 lbs  since May 21 2011 on Ignite.
8-17-11 After two weeks of maintaining and two days off a new Ignite cycle I am down another 4 lbs. (54 total) This Xyngular program is amazing. I haven't felt this good physically inyears. I have tons of energy. My gym workouts have more stamina and"xyng" than ever.


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  2. I'm starting this. It says 29 carbs a day . Wanted to know what other diabetics set there's as.

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