Thursday, August 2, 2012

Great News must read!!

Great news! this!

If you are currently insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield and I am hearing from customers other insurance companies as were , there is a chance that your plan will pay for our products. Our program is a health and wellness program, and falls under the wellness program with Blue Cross Blue Shield/other insurance co's. Because our products are created in a FDA inspected GMP 
(good manufacturing practice) certified laboratory, and the products are patented as well, they fall under a wellness program since it is a wellness product, they cover the products and reorders as well!!

If you are currently enrolled in a wellness program, contact your provider to see if you are covered. Unfortunately not all providers are currently covered. I have been informed that if our program is not covered, you can request your Dr to submit it to them for approval because not everyone knows about us….YET!

This is absolutely amazing guys! If you are not using our products yet, and you do have a wellness plan with your insurance company, please contact your provider.

Millions of pounds are being lost, many testimonials from diabetic patients that are coming off of their medications to no more acid relux, to lowering cholestoral, etc….why wouldn’t an Insurance company cover such great products?

Once you contact your provider and find that you are covered, please contact me and I will get you started on YOUR transformation.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Xyngular products helping people with Diabetes

These products help people in so many ways improving their overall health and here are some testimonies to how they have helped people with Diabetes! If you or someone you know could use the same help in their lives please share this and put them in contact with me and check out my webpage! There just click Get Started Now to start ordering!!

Posted by Joanne Wolff
Thought i would up date you Joanne /all. 60 days on the product, 25 lbs and 25 inch's. Dr was thrilled when i went in as the inch's are fat. My AIC for being a diabetic went from 9 to 7.8 and he said that was great and just keep it moving on down. So I can see it

Chasity Barnes-Mccarren 
Hello Christina, I'm happy to tell my story!!!! I have been struggling with Diabetes for 10 yrs. A year ago Jan. I was put on 20 units of Insulin while I was also taking 2000 mg of Metformin. At that point in life I was getting very depressed because I have read stories of what the outcome usually is. I thought wow 34 years old and all ready on insulin, being a mother of 3 what am i gonna do. I was introduced to Xyngular by my sisterNickole Barnes Zeleji so I decided to give it a try. On March 3 2012 is when my life changed. I have lost 14 pounds and the best part is I am know INSULIN FREE. My normal sugar WITH INSULIN ranged from 120 on a good day, up to 200. Now my sugar ranges from 118 to 144. (One time it was 144). WITHOUT INSULIN. I am so glad I was introduced to these products, they have saved my life.

Posted by Joanne Wolff:
Todd Schroeder
7-6-11 Todd is only on day 2 of Ignite and has already lost 12.5 lbs!
7-9-11 Todd has now lost 18lbs after 4 days
7-11-11 20 lbs 7 days
7-20-11 Todd is down 29 now
7-25-11 Proof on the scaleTodd down 31 lbs since July 5th on ignite. Blood pressure optimal, sleep apneaimproved…fasting blood sugar down over 30 pta and tons of energy withoutexercise yet but now he's feeling like it. 7 inches on his waist. No carbcravings.

Posted by Joanne Wolff:
Ben Erickson
7-28-11   In two months my fasting blood sugar has dropped 19 points!! Diabetes stay away!!!
6-22-11  down 36 pounds in 4 weeks
7-28-11 Health update!!! I am now down 50 lbs  since May 21 2011 on Ignite.
8-17-11 After two weeks of maintaining and two days off a new Ignite cycle I am down another 4 lbs. (54 total) This Xyngular program is amazing. I haven't felt this good physically inyears. I have tons of energy. My gym workouts have more stamina and"xyng" than ever.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Xyngular has helped with Acid Reflux/knee pain/snoring/gastro-intestinal

Xyngular has helped so many people in so many ways here is another way that Xyngular has improved someones health and life!!! If you want to know more check out my webpage and contact me!! I am here to help!!

Shirlene Stark Cables
Haven't been on the computer much lately, but thought I would give an update on Tony's progress. In the first 3 weeks of using the Ignite system for health reasons and weight loss, he lost about 20 pounds. Over the next 3 weeks, he has only lost a couple more pounds, but has dropped 2 more inches from his waist.......a total of 6 inches from the middle. No more acid reflux problems at night. Since he is in a pre-cancerous stage of esophageal cancer, this is super exciting. Daily doses of Tylenol was how he kept the aches and pains of knee replacement, liver transplant, arthritis, etc, in check. Now the Tylenol has been replaced with the natural fruit blend drink. The gastro-intestinal bleeding, nausea and occasional vomiting from multiple medical issues are gone. And no more snoring through his throat at night. He has noticed one major area of concern though, and that is that his pants are not likely to stay where they belong without a belt. It has been very exciting to see him feel better, have more energy, and just be healthier overall. Angel has joined him in this little adventure, and she is becoming the incredible shrinking woman, but I should let her share her own triumphs.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Xyngular has helped people with Eczema and Psoriasis

 people with Eczema/ Psoriasis have found help using Xyngular products!!! These products aren't just about losing weight! They change lives and improve health!! If you or anyone you know could use help check out my web page and contact me I would love to help!!
Here are some testimonies to how they have helped people:

  • Selah Gay Hi..I'm back.. Before starting X products I had debilitating psoriasis on hands/feet usually had a bandaid on every finger. I had been suffering for about 3 years with it. I started using the Ignite products in Jan. To my surprise and great delight, by February I realized that I no longer was using bandaids! My psoriasis was completely gone off my fingers/hands...and only slight area on my foot. Then I found when I was off of Xyng but still on Global Blend during an illness for 2 weeks in February, the psoriasis returned on my fingers/hands. When I resumed my daily Xyng...within 3 days it was clearing back up again. I find if I'm ever out of Xyng or Global Blend... It begins to appear it did recently when I was out of Global Blend for 2 weeks. So it may be a combo of those two for me. Now I make sure that I'm never out of those products! lol Soooo very grateful!!!

  • Carmen Wiggins Vinas--- ‎ I was diagnosed with dyshidrotic eczema 2 years ago. For a year I coped with the blisters and peeling on my hands, using a topical steroid cream from the Dr. My hands were frequently covered with band-aids.The cream simply made the eczema "manageable". It did nothing for a cure or for preventing re-occurrences. Last fall I went to a Dermatologist who prescribed a new topical cream. I had some relief with this, but still had repeated breakouts. This cream would minimize the length of the episode, but I was still just having one breakout after another. I started the Ignite Plus on April 6ht, and have been on all the products ever since. I am THRILLED to say that I have not had to use the chemical cream since starting on these products. The breakouts are few and far between. And if it does start to flare up, it is minimal and starts to heal before I ever need the cream. LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!!!

  • Melissa Mohr-- my 21 yr old sister has suffered from eczema for a while. she began the ignite system and it began clearing up the first day! after her 8 day cleanse it was practically gone. I think the global fruit blend is the main component that helped it disappear but of course, everything else in the system helps too :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Xyngular products have helped people with depression

Depression is something a lot of people struggle with and here are a few stories of how Xyngular products have helped people and change their lives! I love this safe healthy natural products that change lives in so many ways!! You or anyone you know need help please share this and check out my webpage and contact me I am here to help!!

Mindy Garmon Rutter
It is difficult to look at how unhealthy I looked and felt last year, but Now I am feeling GREAT !!! I'm down to a size 6, down 40 pounds !! I'm off my Anxiety and Cholesterol Meds now....My triglycerides went from a staggering 588 to 146 and my overall Cholesterol dropped from 359 (on Meds) to 198 in only 4 months !!!! I no longer have insomnia, hot flashes ,hypoglycemic episodes or pain in my hips !! I am happy, motivated and loving life !!! These products ROCK !!!!

Erin Barthelme--"Ok I just finished my 30 days on IGNITE! I am down 21 pounds and 36 inches!!! 8 of those inches in my waist!!! This is after three c-section babies over the last 6 years!!! I now weight less than I did on my wedding day 8 years ago!!! But most importantly I have my mental health restored to me!!! I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and even ADD for as long as I can remember. And these products have made a huge positive change in all three of those conditions! I used to be on the maximum amount of my anti-depressant and I have reduced it to half of that dosage!!! I feel fantastic and love sharing the products now as a distributor!"

Crystal Unruh
Just got a text from a friend who I didn't even know knew about the products....but has been taking them! " I had been on major depression meds for 2 years without telling anyone. Tried to get off under doc supervision and within a week was a complete mess. Just wanted something different for myself. I researched all natural things to take. I love xyng! I'm off my depression medicine and feel great! I've tried 3 times in the past 2 years to get off depression medicine and had to get back on it. (not anymore!) I can pay $40 a month for something all natural or $5 for a stimulant drug. So $40 is worth it to me!" Then she text me this..." I started the ignite yesterday and have already lost 3.9 pounds!... I love the energy!"

Global Blend and Axion

Reduce Pain, Reduce Inflammation, Speed Healing and Balance your hormones with this power packed combination of Axion and Global Blend. Taking both these products daily gives you insurance daily against many degenerative processes. Your body degenerates about 1% a year on average, so let's take some anti-aging products to slow this process down. 
I so love these products they improve health and well being I know if you try them you will see and feel what I am talking about!!! You or anyone you know could use this in your life please check out my webpage and contact me!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Xyngular helping people with Arthritis

Carol Young I have alot of Arthritis issues and have had two hip replacements because of arthritis. Since being on the products, I no longer have my low back pain, leg or knee pain. I take nothing over the counter anymore as feel wonderfully awesome.
Jami Ervin 
I have had RA for about 13 years and been on Methetrexate for as long. I have now been off my Methetrexate since January and doing great. My hands and other joints aren't swollen, red, and painful anymore like they have always been. That alone has been worth taking these products for, but I have also lost 35 lbs., my blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal, allergies are better, and I haven't had the migraines since I have been on them. nI can't praise the products enough!

These products are helping people in so many ways and this is just one of them!! If you are ready to improve all parts of your health contact me and check out my webpage